Saint Pierre Bible Fellowship Church
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Sermons are now being recorded on video and can be found on our church YouTube channel:

ARCHIVES: simply click on sermon you wish to listen to 

June 21, Denver Kroeker "Psalm 139 You Know Me"

June 14, Troy Dearborn "Psalm 42 Hope in God"

June 7, Bev Dueck "Psalm 23"

May 31, Pete Dearborn "Psalm 73" 

May 24, Troy Dearborn "Psalm 77 Remember the Lord" 

May 17, Denver Kroeker "Psalm 117"

May 10, Bev Dueck "The Comparison Conundrum"

May 3, Troy Dearborn "Psalm 46 Your Ever-Present Help"

Apr 26, Denver Kroeker "Promises of God part 2"

Apr 19, Denver Kroeker "Promises of God"

Apr 12, Troy Dearborn "Easter: Peter Do You Love Me"

Apr 5, Rob Warkentin "Palm Sunday"

Mar 29, Pete Dearborn 

Mar 22, Bev Dueck "Ephesians 6:10-24"

Mar 15, Troy Dearborn "Ephesians 5:21-6:9"

Mar 8, Rod Brown "Ephesians 5:1-20"

Mar 1, Denver Kroeker "Ephesians 4:17-32" 

Feb 23, Jon Kornelson "Ephesians 4:1-16"

Feb 16, Troy Dearborn "Ephesians 3 Unified Community"

Feb 9, Pete Dearborn "Ephesians 2 No Longer Outsiders"

Feb 2, Rod Brown "Ephesians 2 Created for Purpose"

Jan 26, Troy Dearborn "Ephesians 1 Christ Church Culture"

Jan 19, Dr. Robert Dean "Open Hands, Heb.11"

Jan 12, Denver Kroeker "Promises of God"

Jan 5, Troy Dearborn "Eyes Wide Open 2020"



Dec 29, Rob Warkentin "The Way the Truth the Life"

Dec 24, Troy Dearborn "Advent Encounters: Light in the Dark"

Dec 22, Howard Dueck "Advent Encounters: Wise Men"

Dec 8, Troy Dearborn "Advent Encounters: Mary"

Dec 1, Denver Kroeker "Advent Encounters: Zechariah"

Nov 24, Al Bayne "Abide, God's Got Your Back"

Nov 17, Pete Dearborn "Abide for Self-Control"

Nov 10, Troy Dearborn "Abide for Peace"

Nov 3, Jodi Friesen "Abide for Joy"

Oct 27, Bev Dueck "Grandparents Day"

Oct 20, Mel Dueck "Abide for Patience"

Oct 13, Denver Kroeker "Abide for Faithfulness"

Oct 6, Troy Dearborn "Abide for Gentleness"

Sept 29, Denver Kroeker "Abide for Love"

Sept 22, Wade Fitzpatrick "The Cross"

Sept 15, Troy Dearborn "Abide for Fruitfulness"

Sept 1, Iris Waldner 

Aug 25, Helen Taylor "I am a Victor not a Victim"

Aug 18, Bev Dueck "Shoes of Peace"

Aug 11, Denver Kroeker 

Aug 4, Jon Kornelson "Gospel Parenting wk 4"

Jul 28, Jon Kornelson "Gospel Parenting wk 3"

Jul 21, Jon Kornelson "Gospel Parenting wk 2"

Jul 7, Jon Kornelson "Gospel Parenting wk 1"

June 30, Dallas Hiebert "David's Legacy of Praise 2 Sam 22"

June 23, Rod Brown "David and Bathsheba 2 Sam 11"

June 16, Denver Kroeker "David's Everlasting Throne 2 Sam 7"

June 9, Rob Warkentin "David and Saul 1 Sam 24"

June 2, Denver Kroeker "David and Jonathan 1 Sam 20"

May 26, Howard Dueck "David and Goliath 1 Sam 17"

May 19, Troy Dearborn "David, A man after God's heart 1 Sam 16"

May 12, Jodi Friesen "No Condemnation"

May 5, Mel Dueck "The Heart of Worship"

Apr 28, Al Bayne "The 'Aha' Moment"

Apr 21, Troy Dearborn "Road to Emmaus Lk 24"

Apr 19, Pete Dearborn "The Cross Lk 23"

Apr 14, Denver Kroeker "Jesus on Trial Lk 23"

Apr 7, Troy Dearborn "Garden of Gethsemane Lk 22"

Mar 31, Jon Kornelson "The Last Supper Lk22"

Mar 24, Howard Dueck "The Things to Come Lk21"

Mar 17, Troy Dearborn "Team Jesus vs Team Sanhedrin Lk20"

Mar 10, Denver Kroeker "Jesus Enters Jerusalem Lk19"

Mar 3, Troy Dearborn "Relating to the Church"

Feb 24, Jon Kornelson "Relating to Your Children"

Feb 17, Mel and Bev Dueck "Relating in Marriage"

Feb 10, Denver Kroeker "Relating to the World"

Feb 3, Troy Dearborn "Hearing God: Why We Must Continue Hearing God"

Jan 27, Troy Dearborn "Hearing God: Discerning God's Voice"

Jan 20, Troy Dearborn "Hearing God: The Bible is the Primary Way God Speaks"

Jan 13, Troy Dearborn "Hearing God: Does God Still Speak?"

Jan 6, Denver Kroeker "A New Year"



Dec 30, Bev Dueck "Prayer"

Dec 23, Howard Dueck "Advent Love"

Dec 9, Pete Dearborn "Advent Peace"

Dec 2, Denver Kroeker "Advent Hope"

Nov 25, Troy Dearborn "Eph 6 Prayer and Fellowship"

Nov 18, Mel Dueck, "Sword of the Spirit"

Nov 4, Troy Dearborn "Helmet of Salvation"

Oct 28, Rod Brown "Shield of Faith"

Oct 16, Denver Kroeker "Shoes of the Gospel of Peace"

Oct 7, Troy Dearborn "Breastplate of Righteousness"

Sept 30, Jon Kornelson "Belt of Truth"

Sept 23, Haiti Arise Marc Honorat "Testimony, and Peace Making" 

Sept 16, Troy Dearborn "Engage! Eph 6, Armor of God"

Sept 2, Troy Dearborn "What Is In Your House, 2 Kings 4"

Aug 26, David Johnson "Isaiah 40, Wait on the Lord"

Aug 19, Bev Dueck "Fix Your Focus"

Aug 12, Mel Dueck "Culture of Honor"

Aug 5, Denver Kroeker "The Best Defense Against Offense" 

July 29, Alex Krause "the Danger of Giving Offense"

July 22, Troy Dearborn "What Offends God?"

July 15, Jon Kornelson "Offended by Others"

July 8, Al Bayne "Offended by God"

July 1, Troy Dearborn "God's Will is a person to BE!"

June 24, Denver Kroeker "God's Will For Your Life"

June 17, Alex Krause "We Have A Father" 

June 10, Howard Dueck "Concluding Philippians"

June 3, Troy Dearborn "I can do all things through Christ Phil 4"

May 27, Mo Blackmon "Phil 4:2-9"

May 20, Denver Kroeker "Pressing On Phil 3:12-4:1"

May 13, Haiti Missions Trip Report 

May 6, Rod Brown "Righteousness through Christ Phil 3:1-11"

Apr 29, Troy Dearborn "Work Out what God Worked In Phil 2"

Apr 22, Denver Kroeker "Christ Exalted Phil 2"

Apr 15, Pete Dearborn "To Live is Christ! Phil 1"

Apr 8, Jon Kornelson "Sovereignty of God Phil 1"

Apr 1, Denver Kroeker "Easter!"

Mar 25, Rod Brown

Mar 18, Rob Warkentin "Do You Believe?"

Mar 11, Iris Waldner "Awake and clothe yourself in strength Is 52"

Mar 4, Charles De Silva "Do You Love Me? Jn 21"

Feb 25, Mel Dueck "Encountering the Great I AM"

Feb 18, Troy Dearborn "Encountering the True Vine"

Feb 11, Rob Brown "Encountering the Way, Truth, and Life"

Feb 4, Adriano Caires "Eccl 3 A Season For Everything" 

Jan 28, Denver Kroeker "Encountering the Good Shepherd"

Jan 14, Howard Dueck "Encountering the Light of the World"

Jan 7, Troy Dearborn "Encountering the Bread of Life"



Dec 31, Denver Kroeker "New Year Looking Back Looking Forward"

Dec 24, Mo Blackmon "Christmas Eve"

Dec 10, Denver Kroeker "Advent: Joy"

Dec 3, Pete Dearborn "Advent: Hope and Peace"

Nov 27, Troy Dearborn "The Sun of Righteousness Mal. 4"

Nov 19, D Hiebert "Cycle of Grace: Avoiding Burnout"

Nov 12, Denver Kroeker "Becoming What We Already Are"

Nov 5, Bev Dueck "Raising Champions for Christ"

Oct 29, Al Bayne "Identity in Christ"

Oct 22, Pete Dearborn "We are Adopted!"

Oct 15, Jon Kornelson "Apart From Christ I can Do Nothing"

Oct 8, Troy Dearborn "Fake ID"

Sept 24, Mel Dueck "Identity in Christ"

Sept 17, Lorne Meisner (&testimonies) "40yr Church Anniversary"

Sept 3, Al Bayne "Just Like Elijah"

Aug 27, Troy Dearborn "Baptism"

Aug 20, Dan Drouin "Love"

Aug 13, Bev Dueck "Thinking Generationally"

Aug 6, Denver Kroeker "Conclusion of Genesis"

July 30, Jon Kornelson "God's Sovereignty in the Darkness Gen 40"

July 23, Alex Krause "Joseph and his brothers Gen 42-45"

July 9, Denver Kroeker "Joseph: Temptation Gen 39"

July 2, Troy Dearborn "Joseph: New Beginnings Gen 37"

June 25, Troy Dearborn "Jacob wrestles with God: Gen 32"

June 18, Denver Kroeker "Jacob and Laban: Gen 29"

June 11, Denver Kroeker "Stairway to Heaven: Gen 28"

June 4, Troy Dearborn "Failure of Jacob and Essau Gen25/27"

May 28, David Johnson "Church and Society: Gen 26"

May 21, Alex Krause "Fan or Follower? Gen 22"

May 14, Denver Kroeker "Mother's Day: Sarah the Matriarch"

May 7, Troy Dearborn "Abraham: What to do in the Waiting"

Apr 29, Howard Dueck "Abraham's Call"

Apr 23, Al Bayne "Healing: God is Bigger than our Boxes"

Apr 16, Denver Kroeker "The Glorious Resurrection"

Apr 9, Shawn Dearborn "Palm Sunday"

Apr 2, Troy Dearborn "Pictures of Fellowship"

Mar 26, Pete Dearborn "Fellowship"

Mar 19, Rod Brown "Fellowship and Community"

Mar 12, Denver Kroeker "Hospitality"

Mar 4, Troy Dearborn "Essential Fellowship"

Feb 26, Hiebert "Fellowship and Missions"

Feb 19, Troy Dearborn "Bible Translations / Power of God's Word"

Feb 12, Denver Kroeker "The Bible and You"

Feb 5, Al Theissen "Interpreting the Bible"

Jan 29, Pete Dearborn "Old & New Testament: One Story"

Jan 22, Jon Kornelson "Reading the Bible"

Jan 15, Troy Dearborn "The Bible is Trustworthy"

Jan 13-14 Prayer Seminar: Sanctuary House of Prayer: Session1, Session2, Session3, Session4, Session5, Session6

Jan 8, Brian Creary Ephesians 1

Jan 1, Denver Kroeker "God Glorified in 2017"



Dec 4, Troy Dearborn "Advent: Jesus our Peace"

Nov 27, Alex Krause "Advent: Jesus our Hope"

Nov 20, Pete Dearborn "1 Peter 4:7-10"

Nov 13, Denver Kroeker "Hearing God"

Nov 6, Troy Dearborn "Balance in Hearing God's Voice"

Oct 30, Pete Dearborn "Hearing God: Guidance and Direction"

Oct 23, Denver Kroeker "Hearing God: Ways in Which God Speaks"

Oct 16, Howard Dueck "Hearing God: The Bible is the Primary Way to Hear God"

Oct 9, Al Bayne "Hearing God: Why We Need to Hear God"

Oct 2, Troy Dearborn "Hearing God: Does God Speak Today?"

Sept 25, Rod Brown

Sept 18, Denver Kroeker "Psalm 19"

Sept 4, Denver Kroeker "Psalm 19"

Aug 28, Hiebert "Seeing Muslims with New Eyes"

Aug 21, Troy Dearborn "When Healing Doesn't Come"

Aug 14, Al Bayne "Healing"

Aug 7, Rod Brown

July 31, Darcy Brown

July 24, Denver Kroeker "Baptism"

July 17, Clint and Helen Taylor

July 3, Howard Dueck "Paul's letter to the Colossians"

June 19, Rod Brown "Col. 3:18-4:2"

June 12, Jon Kornelson "Col. 3:1-4"

June 5, David Johnson "Col. 2:16-23"

May 29, Denver Kroeker "Col. 2:6-15"

May 29, Alex Kraus Testimony

May 22, Denver Kroeker "Col. 1:24-2:5"

May 15, Troy Dearborn "Col. 1:15-23 Jesus AND"

May 15, Healing the Pain of the Heart: Testimonies

May 8, Pete Dearborn "Col. 1:9-14 Wisdom, Power, Joy"

May 1, Troy Dearborn "Col. 1:1-8 All Sufficient Christ"

Apr 24, Al Bayne "Giving: Heaven's Open Windows"

Apr 17, Troy Dearborn "Giving"

Apr 10, Wilma Hebert "3 Story Evangelism"

Apr 3, D Hiebert "Evangelism: Why Missions?"

Mar 27, Denver Kroeker "Evangelism"

Mar 20, Troy Dearborn "Win Them With Love"

Mar 13, Howard Dueck "Evangelism: The Great Commission"

Mar 6, Denver Kroeker "Evangelism: Ambassadors of Heaven"

Feb 28, Jon Kornelson "Pray to receive"

Feb 26-27 PRAYER SEMINAR: Sanctuary House of Prayer

Feb 21, Brian Creary "Prayer: a conversation"

Feb 14, Peter Dearborn "Encountering Jesus Through Prayer"

Feb 7, Troy Dearborn "Relational Prayer"

Jan 31, Gord Sawatsky "Discipleship Multiplication"

Jan 24, Denver Kroeker "Discipleship"

Jan 10, Howard Dueck "The Journey of Discipleship"

Jan 3, Denver Kroeker "Discipleship"



Dec 27, Rod Brown "The ABC's of Joy"

Dec 20, Interview with Amanda Cook

Dec 20, Pete Dearborn

Dec 6, Denver Kroeker "Peace on Earth"

Nov 29, "Jesus Light of the World"

Nov 22, Peter Dearborn "Transition"

Nov 15, Peter Braun "Transition and Expectation"

Nov 8, Denver Kroeker, "Remembering Sacrifice"

Nov 1, Troy Dearborn, Jeremiah 1 "Dedication"

Oct 25, Denver Kroeker

Oct 18, Jon Kornelson Col. 2, "Complete in Christ"

Oct 4, Denver Kroeker Acts 27-28

Sept 27, Rod Brown Acts 26 "Paul's Beliefs Controlled What He Did"

Sept 20, Denver Kroeker Acts 23

Sept 13, Troy Dearborn "Acts 21 Pursue Your Purpose"

Aug 30, Denver Kroeker Acts 20

Aug 23, Rod Brown

Aug 9, Troy Dearborn Acts15

Aug 2, Denver Kroeker Acts13

July 26, Howard Dueck

July 19, Denver Kroeker

July 5, Al Bayne

June 28, Denver Kroeker "Scattered Preaching (Acts 8:4)"

June 21, Denver Kroeker "As the Time Drew Near (Acts 7)"

June 14, Denver Kroeker "The Calling of Stephen (Acts 6)"

June 7, Rod Brown "God's Not Dead--Nor Is He Safe (Acts 5)"

May 31, Denver Kroeker "Christ Alone our Corner Stone (Acts 4)"

May 24, Howard Dueck "Acts 3"

May 17, Denver Kroeker "What Was It Like at Pentecost? (Acts 2)"

May 3, Troy Dearborn "What Did Pentecost Change? (Acts 1)"

April 26, Denver Kroeker "The Last Instructions of Jesus"

April 19, Denver Kroeker "Come Eat Breakfast and Follow Me"

April 12, Denver Kroeker "Jesus Appears to His Disciples"

April 5, Denver Kroeker "The Empty Tomb"

April 3, Robert Warkentine "Good Friday"

Mar 29, Denver Kroeker "The Triumphal Entry"

Mar 22, Troy Dearborn "Lazarus"

Mar 13, Denver Kroeker "The Cripple by the Pool"

Mar 8, Howard Dueck "The Woman at the Well" 

Mar 1, Denver Kroeker "Feeding the 5000"

Feb 22, Al Bayne "Healing: The Kingdom of God is at Hand"

Feb 15, Denver Kroeker "Valentines Day"

Feb 8, Pete Dearborn "Evangelism"

Feb 1, Jon Kornelson "Prayer"

Jan 25, Denver Kroeker "Fellowship"

Jan 18, Troy Dearborn "Discipleship"

Jan 11, Denver Kroeker "The Bible"